About Shara

Dr Shara BA CohenDr Shara BA Cohen has been active in the scientific community for over 30 years. She started as a member of the British Association of Young Scientists at the age of 15, obtained her first science degree at 21 and her Immunology PhD at 25.
She has been a research scientist and lecturer in prestigious institutions around the world [including Addenbrookes’ Hospital (Cambridge), The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology (London), The Mount Sinai Hospital (New York) and The Royal Postgraduate Medical School (London)].
Shara left mainstream science in 2001 research to follow her passion of science communication
Life Science Events

Shara’s Life Science Events Company – (EURopean SCIentific CONferences)

Euroscicon Ltd

         – was founded in 2001  after identifying a need for communication of Life Science research between academia and industry. The company provides a unique environment for scientists to interact and debate at  highly focused, informal events.

Women in Science

Shara established the popular international science portal MumsInScience to support parents who work, have worked or want to work in any aspect of science. She has run workshops for WOMEN IN SCIENCE.

and is a member of the Women’s’ National Commission and is also a mentor to female science undergraduates in the USA and is on the UK Database of Women Experts in Science, Engineering and Technology

Additional Work


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